Unity required to sustain the current government: Minister Shaheem

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, has emphasised the importance of unity to sustain the current government during a gathering with island communities.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister noted the delicate state of the country's situation when President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu assumed office. He highlighted the fragility of the Maldivian economy and nationality. Over the past 13 weeks, the President has dedicated efforts to safeguard the country's independence and sovereignty, tackling significant debt challenges, he added.

While acknowledging the existence of competition among individuals, the minister urged against creating divisions and opposition within the community. He emphasised the need for unity, especially in the face of external and internal threats aimed at overthrowing the government. Shaheem stated that foreign and domestic adversaries have joined forces with the intention of destabilising the government, urging the people to stand firm against such efforts.