Maldives to launch Eco-Tourism Project

Ministry of Tourism has revealed Eco-Tourism Project will be launched on February 19, 2024.

The tourism ministry revealed it is set to initiate an eco-tourism project as part of the "Hafuthaa 14" roadmap, focusing on transforming the tourism industry into an environmentally friendly and sustainable sector under the tourism diversification policy. The project, implemented with technical assistance from the Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy and USAID, aims to identify and highlight places with special environmental characteristics in Maldives.

Under this initiative, the ministry will evaluate tourism services based on an environmentally friendly scale, emphasising the protection of sensitive ecological areas. Additionally, the project will involve the implementation of management plans prioritising environmental conservation by tourism service providers.

By enforcing eco-friendly regulations, the project aims to allow tourists to explore specific areas and appreciate the natural beauty of the Maldives. These managed and protected places are expected to not only enhance the overall tourism experience but also provide economic benefits to the local communities who recognise and value their significance.