"Fujian flights will bolster tourism and cultural ties"

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has highlighted the significant impact of the newly launched direct flights from China's Fujian Province on cultural and tourism promotion.

Speaking at the Fujian Culture and Tourism Promotion Event, he underscored that the commencement of the first flight to Maldives not only contributes to the country's tourism but also establishes a meaningful connection between the cultural and historical aspects of both nations. He emphasised the potential for reciprocal learning, as Maldives is renowned for its pristine sandy beaches, in contrast to Fujian's distinct features such as mountains and tea production.

Meanwhile, during the event, Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin acknowledged the enduring friendship between Maldives and China. She pointed out that despite the countries' varying sizes, their close relations serve as an exemplary model. She highlighted President Muizzu's successful visit to Fujian, where he engaged in fruitful discussions with provincial authorities. The Ambassador also noted that this visit significantly elevated Maldives' popularity among Chinese tourists.

The ceremony also included a special forum aimed at fostering increased tourist arrivals from China's Fujian Province to Maldives.