Maldives missions to promote tourism and seek investments

Minister of Foreign Affairs Moosa Zameer has stated that the Maldives missions abroad will focus on promoting tourism and seek investment opportunities.

Speaking to PSM News, Minister Zameer said President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has prioritised the development of the country's economy, which was also his focus during his three trips abroad. He also said that the foreign ministry and 19 offices including Maldives embassies and missions are working to attract investments and increase tourist arrivals in the Maldives under the instruction of President Muizzu.

Additionally, Minister Zameer said he will give prepare missions to observe global economic shocks that would affect the Maldives tourism industry. He also said he would increase the number of staff of the missions, if necessary, in order to boost efforts to promote tourism in regions such as Europe and China. He noted that the missions had planned to do such work in the past but had not accomplished much. He added that the Maldives embassy to be opened in Türkiye will focus on promoting trade, investment and tourism in the Maldives.

President Muizzu has traveled to three countries since assuming office. They are Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China. During the trips, President Muizzu held discussions on ways to promote tourism and increase investment opportunities. Large investors from those countries have expressed interest in investing in the Maldives.