Gov't works to expedite development of 63 resorts

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has stated that the government is holding discussions to expedite the development of 63 islands allocated for tourism.

Speaking to PSM News, Minister Faisal said he has collected information on the islands leased for tourism since taking over the ministry. According to the ministry's statistics, 63 islands leased for resort development are yet to open, with some islands having been leased 10-20 years ago. Therefore, the ministry is holding discussions with investors on addressing the various challenges they have in the development process in order to open the resorts as soon as possible.

Additionally, Minister Faisal said that the ministry is holding discussions with the Attorney General on ways the government can assist in the development of the resorts in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. He also said that he aims to bring 50% of the islands to market within five years.

Furthermore, Minister Faisal said that the government aims to open 12 to 15 new resorts next year, which would add 1,000 new tourist beds. He added that the government is also strengthening relations with other countries to attract investors.