VIA prepares for peak winter season with additional parking

The Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has stated that with the development of new parking slots, Velana International Airport (VIA) is ready for the super peak jet arrivals.

In a press release, MACL stated that to prepare for the winter super peak, VIA has leveraged its newly developed parking slots (RAMP areas) to accommodate a total of 68 jets—a historic number for the airport. The company stated that this accomplishment is a testament to the efficiency and capacity enhancements brought about by the newly designated parking areas for General Aviation aircraft.

Prior to the development of these new parking slots, VIA could accommodate 39 aircraft. However, with the strategic additions in front of the new Fuel Farm and at the southwest corner, the airport can host 68 jets at the same time. The breakdown of parking slots are 13 at the North Apron, 26 at the East Apron, 13 at the new GA Parking in front of Fuel Farm, and 16 at the new GA Parking South.

This expansion in capacity has been facilitated by MACL's development of 27,257sqm of parking area on the southwest side and 27,590 sqm of parking in the north - in front of the new fuel farm. These initiatives are part of MACL's ongoing commitment to expanding operations and services, meeting the increasing demand for air travel to the Maldives.\