Solih meets with PG members to discuss parliamentary affairs

Interim President of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has held a meeting with the party's Parliamentary Group members to deliberate on parliamentary affairs.

Spokesperson for MDP Anas Abdul Sattar stated that the primary focus of the meeting was to address the ongoing parliamentary work, withholding specific details. The meeting also addressed the crucial matter of approving new government ministers.

MDP has declared its commitment to holding the government accountable as an opposition party following the presidential election. In addition, Solih is actively engaging with various party committees to broaden the scope of the activities of MDP.

Among the attendees at the meeting were former President Solih, Chairperson of MDP Fayyaz Ismail, and the Leader of the Parliamentary Group (PG) for MDP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain.