Maldives Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly share experiences

The Parliament of the Maldives, in collaboration with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in the Maldives (WFD) and the Northern Ireland Assembly (NIA), has initiated a joint programme to enhance the legislative process in the Maldives.

During the four-day peer-to-peer exchange programme, committee clerks from both the Parliament Secretariat and the NIA participated in an experience-sharing and knowledge exchange initiative. Clerks from the NIA visited the Parliament Secretariat to observe ongoing parliamentary activities, as part of the programme.

A key highlight of the initiative was a meeting between the NIA clerks and the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam. The discussion primarily centered on shaping the legislative process in the Maldives.

The main aim of the programme is to facilitate the exchange of information regarding the functioning of the legislatures in both countries. Topics of discussion included the laws and regulations governing the legislatures, emphasising the importance of transparency in parliamentary work. In addition, participants shared insights on committee operations, exploring opportunities for improvement. The discussions also encompassed the efforts of legislative offices in both countries to disseminate information to the public, highlighting the use of websites and social media for the purpose.