MNU aims to develop world class teaching resort

Maldives National University (MNU) has stated that it aims to develop a teaching resort that would become a world leading school of hospitality.

Speaking to PSM News, Chancellor Dr. Mahmood Shaugy noted that few Maldivians are in resort management and said that efforts should be made to develop more Maldivians for managerial jobs or higher positions. He said that Maldivians should have more educational opportunities and training opportunities and that the school should also be open to foreign students.

Additionally, Chancellor Shaugy said that a world leading destination such as the Maldives should have a highest quality hospitality school. He also expressed confidence in receiving investments to develop the school, which would also lead to more economic prospects. He further said that the Maldives has the opportunity to become Number 1 in providing higher education and training in the tourism industry. He added that it will take around 10 years to achieve this goal.