Maldives to discuss receiving financial assistance at COP28

Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim has stated that the Maldives will discuss receiving financial assistance at the COP28 summit.

Speaking to journalists before leaving for the COP28 summit in the UAE, Minister Ibrahim said that the Maldives will discuss ways to receive assistance from the funds created by international organisations to help overcome disasters caused by climate change. He also said that they will advocate for measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring it to the attention of the developed countries.

Additionally, Minister Ibrahim said that the Maldives emits significantly fewer toxic gases into the atmosphere while the developing countries emit at a higher rate, causing environmental damage to small countries such as the Maldives. As such, he said that the Maldives will focus on holding discussions with developed countries to find solutions to reduce the environmental damage and facilitate assistance through the funds established to overcome the resulting disasters.

Describing climate change as a major challenge for small countries, Minister Ibrahim said that COP28 is an opportunity for the Maldives to raise its voice in the international arena and discuss issues related to sustainable development such as the rise in global temperatures, erosion and coral bleaching. He also said that the main purpose of President Muizzu's participation in the summit is to bring the Maldives' fragile environment to the attention of developed countries and find solutions. He added that the President intends to discuss the important issues that will benefit the country.