Parliament committee evaluates Cabinet members

The parliamentary committee on government oversight has begun evaluating the members of the Cabinet.

The government has submitted the names of the 22 members of the Cabinet appointed by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to Parliament for approval. The names were submitted as per Article 129(c) of the Constitution, which states the President shall submit to Parliament the names of the appointees to the Cabinet for approval within seven days of making the appointments.

President Muizzu appointed members to the Cabinet on November 17. The oath-taking and presentation of letters of appointment took place at the President's Office. The Cabinet ministers signed the declaration of the oath upon their appointment. The ministers took their oath of office before the Supreme Court Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan.

The new government consists of 22 members of the Cabinet, including members appointed to four newly formed ministries. In addition, the names of nine existing ministries have been changed.