Gov't to reclaim land in Male' to build 75,000 housing units

Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed has stated that enough land will be reclaimed in the Greater Male' Region to build 75,000 housing units.

Speaking at a press conference, Minister Ahmed said that reclamation projects will be conducted in Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu, Gulhi Falhu, Uthuru Thila Falhu, and Hulhumale' Phase 3. He said that the total reclaimed area will be enough to build 75,000 housing units.

Additionally, Minister Ahmed said that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu formulated the development plans for the Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu project before the presidential election. He said that the area will be developed with all necessary services, including ones that are currently unavailable in Male'. He detailed that the area will be developed with sports and recreational facilities, an economic zone, modern hospitals, universities and other major institutes. He added that the area will have designated zones for tourism and waste management and would have an integrated transport system.

As such, Minister Ahmed expressed confidence that the Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu project will provide a permanent solution to the housing crisis in Male'. He said that Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu will be developed under a 20-year plan. He added that the government will also commence housing projects in the northern and southern regions as part of its policy to provide housing to every citizen.

President Muizzu has stated that his administration plans to commence the reclamation of the Fushi Dhiggaru Falhu within the first 30 days as part of the initiative to solve the housing crisis in Male'. He projected that upon successful completion, the Fushi Dhiggaru Fulhu reclamation would generate a land mass of 1,200 hectares, which is three times the cumulative area of the two phases of Hulhumale'. The ambitious project is set to be completed within eight months and is part of the administration's broader strategy to establish integrated urban centres in seven regions across the country, promoting sustainable development.