Gov’t to rebrand MMPRC to develop tourism

The Visitor Economic Council has announced President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's initiative to rebrand the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and expand market influence to boost tourism.

Speaking at the press conference held by the Visitor Economic Council, Minister of Tourism and Co-Chair of the Council Ibrahim Faisal highlighted that President Muizzu has shown his dedication to economic development by chairing the newly established council. He also disclosed the administration's plans to diversify tourism in the Maldives by developing medical and sports tourism.

Additionally, Minister Faisal stressed the crucial task of instilling trust among tourists in such fields and promoting the Maldives in key global markets. As such, he outlined plans to enhance the operations of the primary tourism promotion company, MMPRC, by initiating a rebranding process facilitated by the appointment of a new managing director. He said that the renewed focus would shift from marketing existing offerings to actively exploring new markets.

Furthermore, Minister Faisal revealed the administration's intention to introduce substantial investments and businesses in the tourism sector, resulting in an increase in the circulation of money within the country, directly benefiting its citizens.