SAM to launch skydiving services, enhancing tourism in Maldives

The Skydiving Association of Maldives (SAM) has announced plans to launch skydiving services, aiming to enhance the tourism sector in the Maldives.

Speaking to PSM News, SAM revealed that it is gearing up to launch skydiving services in December, in collaboration with Ifuru Resort in Raa Atoll. As such, a special aircraft has already undergone testing for the purpose, with the association's designated skydivers performing jumps and drop tests. The association also said that interested individuals can now book skydiving experiences through the SAM website.

Additionally, SAM stated that the introduction of skydiving services in Raa Atoll will revolutionise the country's tourism. The association detailed that the service caters to both experienced skydivers, allowing jumps from 10,000-13,000ft without assistance, and newcomers that can opt for an instructor-guided jump at the same height. The association also expressed its intention to bring international skydiving competitions to the Maldives under its supervision.

Furthermore, SAM stated that it is committed to providing the necessary measures and services to ensure a captivating and joyful skydiving experience amidst the natural beauty of the Maldives. The association highlighted that internationally renowned licensed instructors lead the service.

Established in 2020, SAM is dedicated to offering sustainable skydiving services in the Maldives, viewing skydiving as a promising market for the country's tourism. In addition, the association envisions fostering Maldivians in skydiving and building the necessary resources for sustainable service. The association has also organised two skydiving events in the Maldives in recent years.