Ten hectares reclaimed in Hulhumale' Phase III

Housing Development Cooperation Limited (HDC) has announced the completion of the reclamation of 10 hectares in Hulhumale' Phase III.

HDC has outlined a three-stage plan for the reclamation project, with the reclamation of Site A finished and work underway on the 26-hectare Site B. HDC has urged the relocation of vessels at Site B by October 22 to facilitate the swift commencement of the project.

HDC has contracted Sri Lankan-based Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company Private Limited (CMCC) to reclaim a total of 63 hectares of land from Hulhumale' Phase III under the project. The final reclamation area, Site C, is slated to reclaim 24 hectares of land. The newly reclaimed land in Hulhumale' will be used for housing and land will be allocated for the establishment of public services for the residents in the area.