Muizzu says only his gov't can provide justice for Nasheed

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the presidential candidate of the People's National Congress (PNC), has said that only his administration can provide justice for Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

At a campaign event, Dr. Muizzu said that Speaker Nasheed has still not received justice after the attempted assassination. He said that his administration would prioritise establishing an independent judiciary that provides justice equally under the law.

Speaker Nasheed was severely injured after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attached to a motorcycle was triggered while he was getting in his car near his residence on the night of May 6, 2021. The attack left Nasheed with serious injuries, requiring multiple life-saving surgeries in the Maldives and additional medical treatment abroad.

The state charged nine individuals over the terrorist attack. The prime suspect, Ahmed Adhuham Rasheed, was sentenced to 23 years in prison after he was found guilty of detonating the IED by remote in an attempt to assassinate Speaker Nasheed. The trial of some of the suspects is ongoing.

There have been investigations involving various parties but no report or investigation has revealed any negligence of the government.