The Democrats give MDP and PNC deadline to agree on proposals

The Democrats have passed a resolution to extend separate proposals to two political parties, the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the People's National Congress (PNC) regarding the formation of a coalition for the second round of the presidential election. A deadline of September 20 has been set for both parties to make their decisions.

The resolution was passed during the Interim Council meeting of the Democrats held at Billabong High International School Hall, Out of the 64 members present at the meeting, 50 voted in favour of the resolution. The proposal was presented by the former Minister at the President's Office Mohamed Shifaz.

The condition to form a coalition with MDP is an agreement to hold a referendum on the system of governance before September 28, according to the resolution. Meanwhile, the condition presented to the opposition PNC is the signing of a document outlining the role of The Democrats in government formation. The resolution also stipulates that The Democrats will not support either party if both MDP and PNC reject the proposal.

During the council meeting, several members expressed their opposition to the proposal. Some were against proceeding with the MDP and others called not to support any party in the second round of the presidential election.