EPA says sea turtle poaching fines unpaid

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that fines imposed on individuals involved in the poaching of sea turtles in Keyodhoo, Baa Atoll, have not been paid.

EPA issued fines amounting to USD12,840 for each of the seven individuals involved in the poaching and cooking of sea turtles in Keyodhoo. As a result, they are collectively required to pay a total of USD89,883 in fines. EPA stated that the individuals have failed to pay the fines within the specified timeframe before July 20. They were given a period of 30 days from that date to pay the fine.

Director General at EPA Ibrahim Naeem said such a huge fine was imposed towards the seven individuals after considering all legalities. As such, EPA is making efforts to collect the fines within the prescribed legal procedures.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has designated some species of sea turtles in the Maldives as endangered. As such, the Maldives has implemented important measures by providing legal protection under the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act since April 6, 2016. These efforts aim to safeguard the endangered turtle species found in the region.