Over 10,000 recipients to receive land plots under Binveriyaa Scheme

The government of the Maldives has revealed that 10,314 eligible recipients will receive land plots under the Binveriyaa Housing Scheme.

The details of the preliminary list of recipients was released during a special press conference attended by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure and the Gedhoruveringe Committee held at the President's Office.

During the press conference, the Gedhoruveringe Committee said that of the 23,088 individuals, 15,164 applications were submitted of which 19,858 are eligible. A total of 5,000 land plots will be allocated to 10,314 recipients. The committee also said that out of 19,858 recipients, 9,544 recipients are eligible for land plots. Of these, more than 1,500 plots will be allocated from Hulhumale' and the rest will be allocated from Griraavaru.

Speaking at the press conference, Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam said the list of recipients eligible for land will be published on the Government Gazette and the opportunity to submit complaints will be open until July 15 and the permanent list of land recipients will be made public after the deadline. In addition, he said the size of the land plot will depend on the number of applicants.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has made a pledge to provide land and flats to the residents of Male' City to solve the housing problem in the Greater Male' region. The planning ministry accepted applications through the Gedhoruverin Portal from June to September 2022. The ministry plans to give out 4,000 housing units under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme and 5,000 land plots under the Binveriyaa scheme, which includes 1,000 land plots from Hulhumale', 2,000 land plots from Gulhifalhu, and 2,000 land plots from Giraavaru. The ministry received over 20,000 applications for housing units under the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme and over 15,000 applications for land plots under the Binveriyaa scheme.