RDC begins redevelopment of segment 8 of Ameenee Magu

Road Development Corporation Limited (RDC) has begun the redevelopment of the eighth segment of Ameenee Magu.

RDC stated that it initially planned to close off the road spanning Billabong High International School to Maafannu Stadium but have now decided to close off the road as far as the Galolhu Police Post, as the area consists of schools and office buildings.

RDC has opened the seventh segment for public use and workers have begun fieldwork at the eighth segment by removing the stones and preparing to level the pipes and cables. The company is also replacing the trees on the road with new ones that are more appropriate for the area.

Ameenee Magu is one of the busiest roads in Male’ City due to the high number of office buildings and schools and is one of the few roads that run across the length of the capital city. It is also the main network for utility services and connects the traffic to all areas of the city. However, the road has been in poor condition for years and causes difficulties for vehicles and pedestrians.
The road development project involves paving the whole 1.7km length of Ameenee Magu with asphalt and installing a new stormwater drainage system. The project was contracted to RDC at a price of USD5.5 million.