Vice President urges public support to keep areas clean

Vice President Faisal Naseem has urged the public to support efforts to protect residential areas and refrain from littering. He made the remark at the launch of Urbanco’s clean-up campaign in Hulhumale’.

At the event, Vice President Naseem said that the Maldives achieves development and progress by promoting its natural beauty to tourists and foreign investors. As such, he said that the environment should be kept clean in a sustainable manner by refraining from action that cause harm to environment. He added that these efforts can only be successful with public support and participation.

Additionally, Vice President Naseem highlighted the importance of keeping the residential areas clean, especially the streets, and said that citizens should resolve to stop throwing litter on the streets, whether it be a plastic bottle or a garbage bag. He said that littering may seem harmless but has a longstanding impact on the community. He urged citizens to cooperate with the authorities in their efforts to keep their surroundings clean and to teach their children about its importance.

Urbanco’s campaign will focus on cleaning residential areas in Hulhumale' through routine cleanup events. The initiative was launched to mark World Environment Day and will see 34 teams split up to cleanup nine residential zones. Over 3,000 volunteers made up of government workers and schools students are participating in the activities.