Gov’t projects facilitate resort development: Tourism Minister

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has said that the government’s development projects facilitate the development of resorts and expansion of local tourism.

Speaking to PSM News, Minister Mausoom said the administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has brought an end to the underdevelopment of local tourism due to lack of basic services. He also said the administration’s policy to expand the benefits of tourism to as many citizens is prioritised in the Fifth Tourism Master Plan.

As such, Minister Mausoom said that the tourism sector roadmap for the next five years includes key measures to generate adequate revenue for the state and wealth for the people. He said the roadmap aims to make the Maldives a global leader in sustainable tourism. He also said that that the development of tourism master plans since the early 1980s has played an important role in bringing about the growth and development of tourism, adding that developing ultra-luxury resorts under the One Island One Resort concept has proven to be a successful model.

Additionally, Minister Mausoom said tourism is closely linked to transportation, healthcare and other basic services. He also said the biggest challenge in expanding tourism throughout in the atolls is the lack of basic services, which is why government’s development projects will boost tourism and resume the development of tourism facilities in the atolls.

The Fifth Tourism Minister Plan is a strategic action plan formulated by the tourism ministry to foster sustainable development of the Maldivian tourism industry from 2023 to 2027. The key objectives of the Fifth Tourism Master Plan include the introduction of new tourism products and the enhancement of revenue generation from tourism across all inhabited islands. The plan also focuses on implementing necessary legal reforms, embracing emerging technologies, and achieving renewable energy targets within the tourism sector. The plan also focuses on identifying strategies to develop and expand the tourism industry, preserving the rich heritage and culture of the Maldives through the expansion and promotion of tourism, and creating more employment opportunities for locals in the tourism sector.