First Social Home for Elderly to open in two months

The Ministry of Gender, Family, and Social Services has announced the first Social Home for Elderly Persons will be operational within the next two months.

Zaufishan Abdulla, the Permanent Secretary at the Gender Ministry, shared with PSM News that the building previously housing the National Center for the Holy Quran is currently undergoing renovation, with support from the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure. Zaufishan stated that efforts are underway to organize the necessary staff and resources, assuring that the facility will be completed and ready for operation within the next two months.

Moreover, Akram Hussain, the Director General at the Gender Ministry, emphasized that the services at the social home will be provided in collaboration with various social work organizations. The center aims to function as a club for the elderly, fostering forums to exchange experiences and share valuable insights, he added.

The establishment of social centers dedicated to senior citizens is a significant objective outlined in the Strategic Action Plan of the current administration. On February 16, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced plans to develop social homes for seniors across the country during the National Award for Public Service ceremony held at the Dharubaaruge Convention Centre.

The primary purpose of establishing a Social Home for Elderly Persons is to promote and uphold the rightful respect and dignity of the elderly population while providing essential social support to senior citizens. These centers will also serve to enhance the participation of older adults in society and prepare them for a fulfilling and healthy old age.

The upcoming launch of the first Social Home for Elderly Persons marks a crucial step toward fulfilling the government's commitment to creating supportive environments for the elderly in the Maldives. With the implementation of these centers, senior citizens will receive the care, assistance, and opportunities they deserve, contributing to their overall well-being and quality of life.