Delegates begin arriving for 7th ABU Media Summit

The delegates attending the 7th Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Prevention organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Public Service Media (PSM) have begun arriving in Maldives.

Among the first to arrive in the Maldives were Natalie Illieva, Head of the ABU Secretary General's Office, Ruchi Malhotra, Assistant to ABU Secretary General's Office, Deborah Steele, Director of ABU News and Ahmed Afruh Rashid, Senior Editor of ABU. Over the next few days, delegates will arrive in Maldives including Ahmed Nadeem, former Head of Engineering at PSM, who was appointed as the ABU Secretary-General in November last year.

Taking place from May 9-10, the summit will offer attendees the chance to interact with keynote speakers, participate in panel discussions and workshops, and network with like-minded professionals. The event is an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insights into the most recent climate communication trends and best practices.

The summit will focus on topics such as the role of public service broadcasters in climate change and disaster prevention, the challenges of communicating climate change information to the public, and enhancing the capacity of digital media to support climate action. The summit will also feature sessions on the latest findings in climate science and policy, providing media leaders and participants with the latest information on the state of the global climate change issue.

The ABU Media Summit was launched in 1964 to support the development of broadcasting in the Asia and Pacific region. The summit promotes the interests of television and radio broadcasters as well as key industry players and promotes regional and international media. The summit has more than 70 member countries including Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea.