Tarawih prayers to be offered in 26 mosques in Male'

Ministry of Islamic Affairs has announced that 26 mosques will offer Tarawih prayers in the Greater Male' Region during the holy month of Ramadan.

Every year, Tarawih prayers are offered in specific mosques designated by the Islamic ministry. As such, the ministry has currently designated the mosques where Taraweeh prayers will be offered in Male' City, Villimale' and Hulhumale' during Ramadan. These include 16 mosques in Male', nine mosques in Hulhumale' and one mosque in Villimale'. The ministry has also arranged for women to pray on the lowest floor of the Islamic Centre. Huffaz, who knows the Quran by heart, are also brought from abroad to perform Tarawih prayers in mosques in the Maldives.

The Islamic ministry has conducted work on mosques in preparation for Ramadan. These include renovating mosques and providing them with the necessary facilities. In addition, space has also been increased for the temporary mosques in Hulhumale' Phase II.