ICJ holds meeting of judges in Maldives

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) is holding a meeting of judges in the Maldives.

ICJ is holding the Regional Consultation on the Adoption of the Bangkok General Guidance for Judges on Applying a Gender Perspective in South and Southeast Asia from March 18-19. The meeting will see judges deliberate on cross-cutting thematic issues confronting women’s access to justice in the South and Southeast Asian region.

Around 40 judges joined the meeting as representatives of countries in the South and Southeast Asia region. The Maldives is being represented by Justice of the Supreme Court Aisha Shujune Mohamed, Judges of the High Court Huzaifa Mohamed and Dheebanaz Fahmy, Judge of the Civil Court Ahmed Abdul Matheen, and Judge of the Family Court Maisha Yoosuf Sameer.

The meeting is being held in partnership with the Supreme Court of the Maldives and is split into multiple sessions. The sessions will see judges discuss cybercrime, online gender-based violence, and the protection of women in the context of the use of technology to enhance women’s access to justice.

ICJ adopted The Bangkok General Guidance for Judges in Applying a Gender Perspective in 2016. The guidance is aimed at assisting judges and others in the justice sector to effectively incorporate a gender perspective in their work.