Maldives to conduct Bamboo planting programme

Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology has revealed that it is preparing to launch a programme to plant and revive bamboo under the Rahfehi Programme to increase greenery in the islands.

The programme was launched in 2018 as part of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's pledge to increase greenery in the islands of the Maldives. The environment ministry is planning to plant and revive bamboo under the project planned to be carried out with the Atmosphere Foundation to achieve the goal of becoming a net zero country.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, and self-reproducing plant and is also known to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than other plant species. The plant produces more than 35% more oxygen at night than other species. The plant also captures carbon dioxide in its stem and stores it for many years. Therefore, the Maldives will play a major role in reaching the goal of becoming a net-zero country under the project.

Speaking at a press conference, Director General Mohamed Zahir said the programme is being implemented in collaboration with companies, associations and communities in the islands. He said the ministry will advise on how to procure and plant bamboo.

The environment ministry stated that islands are losing their greenery due to various development projects and population growth. The demand for land plots has increased and many land reclamation projects have been carried out in different parts of the country. The ministry has also identified 36 islands with less than 30% of greenery.