Model house of Floating City to be open to public in Hulhumale'

The Maldivian consultants involved in the floating city project have revealed that a model of the houses has been developed in Hulhumale Phase II and will be available for public viewing next week.

The agreement to build the floating city was signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Dutch Docklands. The contractor has hired Bison Maldives Private Limited to build the first homes of the floating city.

Speaking to PSM News, Consultant of the project Ibrahim Riyaz Ibrahim Riaz said that a model house will be unveiled next week. He said the model house was built in Hulhumale'Phase II. He said the furniture is currently being installed inside the house. In addition, he said that more information about the model house will be announced soon.

The floating city project is the first of its kind to ever be developed in the world. The city will span a lagoon of 200 hectares, comprising various establishments such as residences, shops, and hospitals. All of the establishments will be designed and developed to float on shallow water. The project is expected to cost about USD1 billion.

Dutch Docklands stated the floating city will be reachable within 10 minutes by boat from Male’ City and will be large enough to house 20,000 people. It will be designed in a pattern similar to brain coral and consist of 5,000 floating units including houses, restaurants, shops, and schools, with canals running in between.