AgroNat receives 100,00sqft land plot in Isdhoo

Agro National Corporation (AgroNat) has received a 100,000sqft land plot in Isdhoo, Laamu Atoll, for its community farming project.

The agreement was signed by the Managing Director of AgroNat Haroon Rasheed and the President of Isdhoo Island Council Ibrahim Khaleel. AgroNat stated that agricultural work will begin within three months, after preparing the land plot. The company will incur the expense of preparing the site and paying rent.

Community farming is a brand new concept for the Maldives, which aims to establish technology-assisted farming methods including vertical farming and irrigation systems. AgroNat is introducing community farming in islands with large land areas by designating 100,000sqft of land and preparing the sites. After preparing sites, AgroNat will establish technology-assisted farming methods. The company stated the field must be powered by solar energy in order to conduct community farming in a sustainable manner. The main aim of community farming is to expand farming in the Maldives and to provide opportunities for all farmers.

AgroNat also plans to introduce community farming in Landhoo, Maafaru, and Manadhoo in Noonu Atoll, as well as Kaashidhoo in Kaafu Atoll. The initiative is being funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the government of Japan.