Ameenee Magu redevelopment to be completed by September

Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam has stated the redevelopment of Ameenee Magu will be completed by next September.

Speaking at the Parliament of the Maldives, Minister Aslam said that the estimated completion date of the project has been changed due to the initial challenges in developing the road. He noted that the project was previously estimated to be completed in February but that it was changed due to difficulties in the provision of water pipes. He said that the revised completion date is September 27.

Additionally, Minister Aslam said that the trees on the road had to be cut down as their roots were damaging the surface, pavement, and drainage system. He said that the trees would have also been a hindrance in installing pipes and high-voltage cables, adding that special areas will be designated to plant new trees.

RDC began work on the second segment on December 3. The segment consists of 136m of the road between Irudheymaa Hingun and Kalaafaanu Hingun. Observers from utility and telecommunications companies are at the site as workers install the pipes, the stormwater drainage network, and curbstones. The second segment has now been completed with work on the third segment to commence soon.

The modernisation of Ameenee Magu, one of the main roads connecting all the wards of the city, will be carried out in 13 segments. The contract was signed between RDC and the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure on July 3. The project involves paving the whole 1.7km length of Ameenee Magu with asphalt and installing a new stormwater drainage system. The project was contracted to RDC at a price of USD5.5 million. The duration of the project is seven months.