Most tourist arrivals in 2023 from Russia

Ministry of Tourism has revealed that around 100,000 tourists have visited the Maldives so far in 2023.

The latest statistics published in the Tourism Update Report 2023 released by the tourism ministry show that a total of 97,873 tourists visited the country by January 18 which is a 22.8% increase compared to 2022. During the same period, a total of 79,718 tourists arrived in the Maldives in 2022.

The list of countries contributing the most to tourist arrivals has also seen changes this year. As such, Russia is now the biggest contributor with 15,218 arrivals, while 10,660 arrived from Italy, 9،242 arrived from India, 7,982 arrived from the United Kingdom (UK), and 5,980 arrived from Germany. An average of 5,437 tourists arrive in the Maldives daily, according to the statistics.

China contributed the most to tourist arrivals before the COVID-19 pandemic. After a three-year hiatus, China resumed flights to the Maldives on January 18. The flights will help meet the government's target of 1.8 million tourists this year, according to the tourism ministry.