NCA opens opportunity to rent the National Art gallery for events

The National Centre for the Arts (NCA) has opened the opportunity to rent the National Art Gallery for the purpose of conducting various events and activities.

NCA revealed in an announcement that the art gallery will be open for rent for events from January 15. NCA made the announcement after many local artists expressed concern due to the art gallery being closed for several days due to repairs.

NCA stated that local artists or an organisation representing such individuals will not have to pay for an exhibition or event. However, if a fee is charged for viewing or participating in an exhibition or other event held at the art gallery, 15% of the fee must be paid to NCA within seven days after the end of the event. In addition, if items are sold or charged at an event, 15% of the price must be paid to NCA within seven days after the event. Those who wish to rent the gallery will have to submit the prescribed form to NCA.

The art gallery has been holding many events over the years to showcase the talents of artists. Therefore, the gallery has become popular among artists and all art lovers have the opportunity to see the skills of different individuals in one place. In addition to showcasing the skills of artists, the gallery provides the opportunity to hold commercial events and ceremonies organised by various government ministries.