Nekton Maldives Mission opens marine training programme

Nekton Maldives Mission has opened the opportunity to those new and interested in marine study to participate in a training programme on how to identify natural life.

The training programme is being conducted by Nekton Maldives and the Maldives Marine Research Institute. The programme will be held in Maniyafushi Marine Research Centre from February 12-23.

Nekton Maldives said the programme is designed to share information on how to identify marine life when marine researchers start their work. In addition, the programme will highlight the natural organisms collected during the marine research conducted in the Maldives from September to October 2022 and is scheduled to run from February 12 -16.

Additionally, the programme will provide information to those interested in the skills of identifying the natural life of the common coral reefs in the atolls of the Maldives. The programme will include online classes and testing of underwater samples from February 18-22 and will be conducted by experts in the field.

The opportunity to participate in the training program is open until January 12.