Guraidhoo to be developed as a model island in tourism

Guraidhoo Island Council has revealed that is working to develop the island as a model destination in tourism with many opportunities for local tourism for the entire Kaafu Atoll.

Speaking to PSM News, President of Guraidhoo Island Council Hussain Yamin Mohamed said that the island has a bright future in local tourism. He said earlier the youth of the island had taken the initiative to build guesthouses. He noted the number of tourist beds will exceed 700 within the next year or two.

In addition, the council also intends to use additional concepts in local tourism. The government is also discussing the use of the developed picnic island in Guraidhoo. The council is in discussions with the guesthouses to operate the island separately.

The Maldives was first promoted in tourism using the One Island, One Resort concept. However, in the past ten or twelve years, the government has changed the concept and started to expand tourism on inhabited islands to ensure that the benefits go directly to the people. Guraidhoo is one of the islands benefitting from local tourism.