MNDF welfare has seen positive changes: Defence Minister

Minister of Defence Mariyam Ahmed Didi has revealed the welfare and medical for military personnel and their families have seen positive changes in the past four years. She made the remarks while speaking at the ceremony held to mark 30 years since the establishment of MNDF Medical Corps.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Mariya said the continuous services provided by the flu clinic of Senahiya Hospital to the public and the military personnel during the situation of COVID-19 are commendable. Furthermore, the minister said the current government since assuming office has improved the welfare of the military as the most important and priority issue related to the military and has efficiently brought about positive changes in the services required by the military. As a result, positive changes in the welfare of the military, including health services have been eased for the MNDF and their families. She noted the provision of medical treatment to the military and their families have been strengthened and arrangements have now been made for officers to receive services from many hospitals and clinics. She said the number of specialised doctors consulting at Senahiya Hospital has been increased from 11 to 54 to improve the quality of services provided by MNDF Medical Corps.

Highlighting MNDF Medical Corps has the least number of staff, Minister Mariya said 42 employees, including officers and enlisted ranks, have been provided with education and training opportunities in the Maldives and abroad during the past four years. She added that 801 officers have been trained in 29 different courses conducted by the Medical Corps for various units of the MNDF.