HDC to assign special beachfront area for guesthouses

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has decided to assign a special beachfront area for guesthouses operating in Hulhumale'.

HDC stated that the area will be near the project site of the water theme park in Hulhumale’ phase one. HDC stated that the aim is to solve the challenges faced by guesthouses and provide more opportunities to develop businesses. The National Hotels and Guesthouse Association of the Maldives (NHGAM) has expressed concern over the lack of beachfront areas for guesthouses in Hulhumale’ and has held discussions with the government to develop the businesses.

Many tourists stay at the numerous guesthouses in Hulhumale’, while others check in at the guesthouses prior to travelling to the resorts. The government has been making efforts to develop small and medium enterprises (SMEs) such as guesthouses by promoting them at international fairs and providing loans to SMEs.