Tourist arrivals 7.4% higher than pre-pandemic

Ministry of Tourism has stated tourist arrivals so far this month are 7.4% higher than the same period pre-pandemic.

As per the Tourism Update Report of the tourism ministry, 102,633 tourist arrivals were recorded as of November 22 and only 95,536 tourist arrivals were recorded in the same period of November 2019. As per statistics, 1,446,990 tourists have arrived in the Maldives so far this year, compared to the 1,112,856 tourists who arrived in the same period of 2021 and 1,489,154 tourists who arrived in the same period in 2019.

The statistics show that 131764 tourists arrived in the Maldives in January, 149,008 visitors arrived in February, 150,748 visitors arrived in March, 145,280 visitors arrived in April, 125,522 visitors arrived in May, 110,889 visitors arrived in June, 133,561 visitors arrived in July, 131,862 visitors arrived in August, 111,986 visitors in September, 153,737 visitors arrived in October, and 102,633 visitors arrived until November 22.

The statistics show that the highest number of tourists visited from India with 14% of the market share of 199,219 arrivals. The second-highest number of tourists visited from Russia with 174,601 arrivals. An average of 4,854 tourists arrive in the Maldives every day, according to the tourism ministry.

The government has set a target of welcoming 1.6 million tourists in 2022. The government also expects to reach this target by December 15 based on the current tourist arrival figures.