Over 9,000 beds brought to operation from 33 resorts

Ministry of Tourism has revealed that 33 new resorts have brought 9,497 tourist beds to operation in the past four years.

A total of 33 resorts were opened from November 17, 2018, to August 17, 2022, with 4,505 rooms and a total of 9,497 tourist beds, according to the tourism ministry. Additionally, the government is providing assistance to investors to accelerate the construction of unfinished resorts. The government is also giving special priority to expanding tourism in different parts of the country by opening more islands up for bidding.

In addition to increasing tourist facilities, the government is also working to increase the number of tourists arriving in the Maldives. As such, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has been working with the tourism ministry and industry stakeholders to promote the Maldives as a tourist destination.