MPS to begin using Taser guns

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has decided to begin using taser guns this year. MPS will be using the latest Taser 7, which is the model to be used by Qatar to maintain security during the World Cup.

Speaking at a press conference, Commission of Police Mohamed Hameed said the taser gun will help police officers handle specific situations and that the guidelines for use have already been published in the Government Gazette.

The target of a taser gun becomes immobilised for five seconds, allowing officers time to make the arrest. The most senior officer at the scene will need to give their approval before an officer is allowed to use the taser gun, and only officers who are recording the scene using a body-worn camera are allowed to use the gun.

MPS has provided training on how to use the Taser gun to 20 officers. The police service stated that officers will begin the use of 25 taser guns this year and that it will help ensure the safety of both the officers and the general public.