Foreigners in Maldives advised to comply with Islamic slogans

Ministry of Islamic Affairs has urged all agencies which bring foreigners to the Maldives as employees or as tourists to advise them to regard and comply with the Islamic slogans, and Maldivian laws and regulations.

The Islamic ministry has issued a circular on the promotion of slogans of other religions in Maldives, asking city councils, atoll councils, and island councils to be cautious about these issues and to take action if necessary.

Maldives is a country in which a large number of foreigners are working in the labour force and a large number of foreigners visit the country every day as tourists. Therefore, the circular of the Islamic ministry directed foreigners to fully respect the provisions of the regulations on protecting the religious unity of Maldivian Citizens.

Foreigners living in the country and visiting the country are prohibited from openly expressing their religious slogans, holding congregations in public places, and including Maldivians in any such activities, according to the Regulations on protecting the religious unity of Maldivian Citizens. It is also strictly prohibited to conduct any activities related to the worship of any religion other than Islam in any public place in the Maldives. Islamic ministry has also directed tourists and foreign workers to dress in a manner that meets the general social standards in accordance with the Regulations on Operating Tourist Guesthouses.