Kudagiri Picnic Island can accommodate 500 visitors at a time

Vice President Faisal Naseem has stated that Kudagiri Picnic Island will be able to accommodate 500 visitors at a time. He made the remark while speaking to PSM News during his visit to the island.

Vice President Naseem has been overseeing the project to develop Kudagiri, which is being conducted jointly with five state-owned companies. He said the government places a high priority on completing the project in order to make the island a convenient picnic location for residents of the Greater Male’ Region. He assured the facilities being developed on the island will be able to accommodate around 500-600 visitors at a time and will become a new Kuda Bandos. He also said that all facilities and services are being established with accessibility for the disabled, noting that it includes day rooms, sports facilities, as well as diving and water sports facilities. He added that single-use plastics will be banned on the island and smoking will be restricted to special areas.

The facilities and utility services have been established on Kudagiri and the government aims to open the picnic island in November. The decision to open the picnic island to the public on July 26 was postponed to build additional facilities and further develop the landscape by planting more trees for shade.

Residents of the Greater Male’ Region currently do not have a convenient picnic location. The residents in the capital region lost the only picnic island within accessible proximity following the redevelopment of Kuda Bandos as a resort. It is an electoral pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to develop a picnic island near Male' City.