ACC team begins investigation of Dhuvaafaru corruption case

A team from Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has travelled to Dhuvaafaru, Raa Atoll, to investigate the allegation of corruption against the island council related to its handling of administrative and financial tasks.

ACC stated that the team travelled to Dhuvaafaru on August 25 and is reviewing the relevant documents and interviewing individuals related to the case as well as looking into the details of the island council’s financial transactions.

In July, the Local Government Authority (LGA) requested investigative authorities to take action against the Dhuvaafaru Island Council over corruption related to its handling of administrative and financial tasks. LGA stated that it has been receiving complaints related to the council and that a team was sent to Dhuvaafaru to monitor the situation. The authority stated that a report was formulated based on the team’s findings and has since been approved and made available on the official LGA website.

The report published by LGA shows multiple incidents of Dhuvaafaru council mismanaging its finances, including corruption related to the handling of its Zakat payments, handing over projects without bids in order to benefit the council employees, and conducting business dealings without filing the necessary documentation. As such, the council was found to have transferred funds to the council director, the council president, and its members, as well as the island’s women’s development committee (WDC) and contract employees without clear indications as to the purpose of the transfer. LGA has found that the council has transferred thousands of US dollars in total.