New academic year set to begin with over 92,000 students

Ministry of Education prepares to commence the new academic year with over 92,000 students.

The new academic year is set to begin on August 7. The education ministry said 92,300 students are enrolled across 217 schools at the start of the new academic year. The ministry said most of the preparations for the academic year have been completed, including the supply of uniforms, books and other accessories.

The education ministry further stated teachers have been acquired to the required numbers for all schools ahead of the new academic year. As such, the ministry revealed schools are set to reopen with 8,364 teachers, including 6,006 locals and 1,693 expatriates. The ministry noted there were no difficulties in acquiring teachers this year due to the revised pay structure announced in May, which improved the salaries of all teachers.

The education ministry further revealed the supply of text books to all schools will be completed by August 6. The ministry assured that schools with all the necessary items and accessories in place.

The start and end dates of the academic year were changed last year after the previous academic year was severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Academic years now begin in August and end in June in the following calendar year.