HPA to inspect cafés and shops for adherence to Tobacco Control Act

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has commenced an inspection of cafes and shops to enforce the adherence to the Tobacco Control Act. HPA will be conducting the inspection with assistance from the relevant state institutions.

The purpose of the inspection is to identify the issues at cafes and shops and to advice the owners on properly adhering to the Tobacco Control Act. The act places restrictions on customers that visit food outlets and bans the use of shisha and e-cigarettes. It also allows HPA to impose a fine of up to USD6,500 on cafes that do not have a no-smoking area or on shops that do not adhere to the relevant regulations when selling cigarettes.

The Tobacco Control Act prohibits hotels, restaurants, and cafes from selling individual cigarettes and allow the businesses to sell packs of 20. They are also required to sell packs that contain anti-smoking warning labels approved by the Ministry of Health. Those who violate the act will incur a fine which is 10 times more than the revenue generated from the violation. They will also be fined an additional USD325 for the second offence, USD650 for the third offence, and USD1,300 for the fourth offence.