AgroNat to introduce new model of farming

Agro National Corporation (AgroNat) has announced preparations are underway to introduce a new model of farming in order to provide a sustainable supply of fruits and vegetables.

AgroNat stated the new model is very different compared to its contract farming model, under which 17 different types of fruits and vegetables are currently produced by local farmers. AgroNat said the new model will focus on six products which can be produced sustainably throughout the year. As such, the corporation said 100,000sqft land plots will be allocated from islands with abundant land space to carry out this project.

AgroNat said the items to be produced under the new model include watermelon, papaya, cucumber and pumpkin. AgroNat said the aim of the new farming model is to eliminate the import of these items to the Maldives in the near future. The corporation added large-scale production of these items will also facilitate a sustainable supply of these items to resorts.

AgroNat was established by the government to market agricultural produce from local farms and provide a better income for farmers. The corporation has established contracts with farmers for various different types of fruits and vegetables. AgroNat is providing technical and financial assistance to local farmers to produce these items, and helping them to market their produce.