Over 2,000 new tourist beds brought to operation within a month

Ministry of Tourism has revealed over 2,000 new tourist beds were brought to operation across the country within the last month.

As per the latest Tourism Update Report, 57,487 tourist beds were in operation across 1,156 tourist facilities by July 4. This was an addition of 2,635 beds to the 54,852 beds that had been in operation a month ago.

As per the statistics, a total of 39,481 beds are in operation across 164 resorts, while 13,478 beds are in operation across 828 guesthouses, and 1,564 beds are in operation across 12 hotels. Another 2,954 beds are in operation across 150 liveaboards and 10 beds are in operation at two homestay facilities.

The increase in the number of beds in operation correlates with the increase in the number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives. As per the statistics of the tourism ministry, the Maldives has recorded 830,479 tourist arrivals this year as of July 4, which is a 59% increase compared to the tourist arrivals recorded during the same period last year.

The tourism ministry revealed the Maldives is currently recording a daily average of 4,317 tourist arrivals. Tourists spend an average of 8 days in the Maldives.