Addu City bridge construction not affected by swell waves

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has revealed that the bridge under construction in Addu City has not been damaged by the recent swell wave surges.

Speaking to PSM News, State Minister Abdulla Sodiq, who is also the head of the Addu Projects Management Unit, said the damages incurred by the recent swell wave surges can only be determined after an assessment is made by Afcons Infrastructure Limited. He said that some of the reclaimed area at the project site have been affected and that a warehouse at the site was also damaged.

However, State Minister Sodiq said that the damages have not stalled the construction of the bridge and that 18 pillars have been built so far, with none of them being damaged by the swell waves. He also responded to claims that the bridge was damaged due to the recent bad weather and that the construction project is harming the environment. He said that the project began after an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was done in the area and that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is continuously monitoring the work. He added that land was reclaimed at the project site in a way in which water can flow easily, but that the recent swell waves were higher than normal.

India-based Afcons Infrastructure Limited began the construction of the Addu City bridge in October 2021. One of the most important road development projects contracted to Afcons Infrastructure includes the construction of the bridge outside Hankede. The bridge is located southwest of Hankede which is a separate island on the link road. The bridge is 1.4 kilometres long and would have four lanes.