Ten new resorts to be opened this year

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has revealed that 10 new resorts will be opened this year.

Speaking to PSM News, Minister Mausoom said the government is working to add new products and tourism beds and that two new resorts have been opened in the Maldives so far this year. The minister said that 10 more resorts will be opened this year, which will increase the number of tourism beds by 3,500. He added the government is working to assist guesthouses in order to add more beds this year.

Furthermore, Minister Mausoom highlighted the idea that the Maldives tourism industry needs to be based on specific markets to target high-class and middle-class travellers and said that local tourism and guesthouses are a crucial component in accommodating the two markets. He said that adding new beds will balance the two markets and directly benefit citizens and increase the popularity of the Maldives by allowing travellers to see the unique beauty and culture of various parts of the country.

The latest statistics from the tourism ministry show that 170 resorts are currently in operation with 40,323 beds, while 848 guesthouses are operating with 15,797 beds.