HDC resumes removal of street vendors in Hiya neighbourhood

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has resumed the removal of the stalls of street vendors in the Hiya neighbourhood.

HDC had issued an order in April to remove all stalls of unregulated street vendors in the Hiya neighbourhood, due to concerns on the health risks presented by food sold by such vendors. HDC had stated the area has many construction sites that could elevate the safety risks of any food items sold in the area. The corporation noted the street vendors are operating without the required permits as stated in the regulations.

HDC revealed the removal of street vendor stalls in the Hiya neighbourhood was suspended during the month of Ramadan. However, HDC has resumed the removal of these stalls once again.

The Hiya neighbourhood of Hulhumale’ Phase II is home to the recipients of 6,720 flats built under the Hiya housing project. While many recipients of the flats have now moved in to their flats, the area still lacks many essential services. As such, the area has very few shops and food outlets.