STELCO seeking additional business ventures

Managing Director of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) Ahmed Shareef has stated the company is seeking new business ventures to reduce its dependency on the revenue generated from electricity services.

Speaking to PSM News, Managing Director Shareef said efforts are underway to establish revenue for the company through multiple businesses. As such, Shareef noted the company is seeking entry to the real estate business, as well as production of drinking water. He noted establishing additional forms of revenue will reduce STELCO’s dependency on electricity services, which would enable the prices of the service to be lowered.

Speaking further, Shareef said real estate is guaranteed to bring in a large income for the company. He noted the two housing towers developed by STELCO in Hulhumale’ Phase II proves the company can be successful in real estate business. He revealed STELCO is currently undertaking research to enter the business of luxury housing.

Furthermore, Shareef noted STELCO has the capacity to produce large amounts of drinking water using the 50MW generator set up in the Hulhumale’ Power Station. He said the company plans to utilise this capacity to enter the market of water production.

In addition, Shareef said STELCO plans to enter the marketing and advertising business, noting the company has decided to install LED TVs in different areas of Male’. He added the company also plans to enter the market of generating and supplying power to resorts, as well as providing engine setup, servicing and wiring.

The managing director noted forming these additional modes of revenue will enable STELCO to bring positive changes to the current prices of electricity services. As such, he noted the company will be able to subsidise its services by up to 50% of current prices.